Conference Venue: Wrocław Congress Center at the Centennial Hall

The Centennial Hall Complex is a historical meeting place in the center of Wrocław. Apart from the Hall, which was erected in 1913, it also comprises the Wrocław Congress Center, Multimedia Fountain, Pergola and the outside grounds. In 2006, the Centennial Hall was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Hall and the Congress Center are multi-purpose facilities, which are ideal for organization of conferences, fairs, concerts, business, culture and social events, as well as sport competitions. The Hall may accommodate up to 10 000 visitors, and the Center hosts events for various sizes of audiences, ranging from several dozen of participants to 3 000. The Multimedia Fountain, which is one of the most spectacular fountains in Europe, delights with its shows of colorful jets, music and visualizations displayed on the water screen.

Address and map

Wrocław Congress Center
ul. Wystawowa 1
51-618 Wrocław, Poland


The Zoological Garden in Wrocław opened its gates to visitors for the very first time on July 10, 1865. The tragic history of the town was shared by the history of this zoo, which needed to be temporarily closed twice due to damage sustained during world wars. As the oldest zoo in Poland, it is a unique site to see the XIX century zoo buildings (i.e. Bear Castle dating from 1864) and very old tree stands.

Nowadays Wrocław Zoo is a leading modern Zoo in our country. Its educational and conservation activities are appreciated by the visitors (862 000 in 2014). During the last 8 years intensive construction work took place resulting in over 20 new, modern displays as well as equal number of remodeled ones.

Recently opened Afrykarium is a world scale unique facility presenting African water ecosystems and is the main attraction of the zoo while equally new “Odrarium” featuring the fauna of our river. Wroclaw Zoo now houses more than 8 000 animals representing over 1080 species (47 EEP species, 61 ESB species, 48 ISB species).

This exclusive collection includes numerous species of invertebrates, lower vertebrates with a good selection of birds and mammals.

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How to get to the conference venue?

To reach the Centennial Hall there are several means of transport

  • Buses: 145, 146 – you shall get off at the bus stop “ZOO”
  • Trams: 1, 2, 4, 10 – you shall get off at the tram stop “ZOO”

Price for a single ticket: 3 PLN
In order to check the most efficient connections use:

Parking around the venue

Please note that Centennial Hall and the Wrocław Congress Center are part of the historic part of town, where there are limited parking places. Participants are advised to use the public transportation system. For those, who are willing to drive to the venue, there is a parking lot next to the Centennial Hall.

Below are the prices as of March, 2015:

  • First hour – 5 PLN
  • Second hour – 4 PLN
  • Third hour – 3 PLN
  • Every next hour – 5 PLN
  • Whole day ticket – 50 PLN

How to get to the parking:

After you get off the Szczytnicki Bridge you will be driving through Wróblewskiego Street (ul. Wróblewskiego). Pass the Centennial Hall on your left, and Wrocław ZOO on your right. After you pass the Centennial Hall you will get to the traffic lights (parking signs will already be visible). Turn left and you will enter the parking lot.


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