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The Icebreaker will take place in the Multifunctional Hall of the Wrocław Congress Center. The Center is located on the so-called “Big Island”, the greenest and one of the most charming parts of the city. The Congress Center is surrounded by the Szczytnicki Park (the largest park in Wrocław), a landscape park with large composition and dendrological virtues, which occupies a space of approximately 100 ha.

The main attraction of the park is the Japanese Garden (Ogród Japoński), established in 1913 and later rebuilt many times. Prepared and arranged by the most famous at that time specialist in Japanese studies and Japan enthusiast, Count Fritz von Hochberg with the participation of Japanese gardener Mankichi Arai – it was a gem of the exhibition.

Apart from the Japanese Garden, the Multimedia Fountain is the second biggest attraction of the park. As one of the most spectacular fountains in Europe, it delights us with its shows of colorful jets, music and visualizations displayed on the water screen.

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Wrocław Zoo

The Zoological Garden in Wrocław opened its gates to visitors for the very first time on July 10, 1865. The tragic history of the town was shared by the history of this zoo, which needed to be temporarily closed twice due to damage sustained during world wars. As the oldest zoo in Poland, it is a unique site to see the XIX century zoo buildings (i.e. Bear Castle dating from 1864) and very old tree stands.

Nowadays Wrocław Zoo is a leading modern Zoo in our country. Its educational and conservation activities are appreciated by the visitors (862 000 in 2014). During the last 8 years intensive construction work took place resulting in over 20 new, modern displays as well as equal number of remodeled ones.

Recently opened Afrykarium is a world scale unique facility presenting African water ecosystems and is the main attraction of the zoo while equally new “Odrarium” featuring the fauna of our river. Wrocław Zoo now houses more than 8 000 animals representing over 1080 species (47 EEP species, 61 ESB species, 48 ISB species). This exclusive collection includes numerous species of invertebrates, lower vertebrates with a good selection of birds and mammals.

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Farewell Dinner - Arboretum in Wojsławice

The arboretum is an amazing place in Lower Silesia, located 1h drive from Wrocław. Those 62ha of floral beauty host over 8000 diferrent species. You can easily loose yourself walking by those gorgeous trees, bushes and flowers. The organizers of the 2015 EAZA Conference have prepared some special attractions for those who are willing to join the trip on the final day of the conference.

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